Specialised Finishes

When you need protection for your home or commercial concrete floor, it’s important to choose a floor surface type that offers a great appearance as well as the durability you need.

Concrete Profiling

Profiling is one of the most important steps within create a new floor surface so that a new surface can be fitted. Multitech Floors utilise some of the most advanced equipment to ensure this is done not only safely, but also within the time constraints of the project. Following our process makes light work of removing excess concrete, slab levelling and trip hazards.

Concrete Preparation

For jobs on older properties/refurbishments, we have a number of specialised pieces of machinery that are uniquely designed for these types of jobs. In conjunction with the use of professional fillers specifically designed for this type of job, you can be assured that your floors will look amazing for years to come, and you would be the envy of all.

Concrete Levelling

In order to do an expert job, we always look towards the latest technology, & use modern tools, laser levels and a rapid setting self-levelling agent that will give the most amazing look. Multitech Floors always use their extensive experience to prepare your floor to suit all the required falls, which ensure the correct drainage throughout.

Polished Concrete

Specialising in polished concrete, Multitech Floors understands the incredibly complex multi step process to make your new floor shine with beauty, or existing concrete slab to reveal its own individual hidden beauty. We can colour the finish, create gorgeous patterns, or stain the surface to enhance the finish you require.

Specialised Floor Finishes

Acid Stain

We can apply a chemical stain to new or old concrete floors, depending on the look you desire. This method of floor covering is ideal for a more rustic effect, as you can leave the cracks in the floor to enhance the overall look. We also offer Saw cut patterns – this creates a ’tile look’ at any size you choose, & Sandblasting stencils to create any decorative finish you desire.


The Metallic system is one of the most sort after finishes that is in vogue at the moment worldwide.

Created in the USA, this seamless gloss has a really amazing ‘melted’ look – it is very up market and looks very impressive. It has tiny, almost glitter-like pigments mixed into an epoxy resin, and then applied to the floor surface.

Flow Flake

Flow Flake is a Seamless Polyvinyl Flooring System that will turn your garage, office, workshop and countless other floors into something you could only dream of. A stylish, practical & durable finish for a range of applications, Flow Flake is easy to clean & resistant to dirt, grease & water. It also provides a seamless and flexible surface that deadens the noise of foot traffic & carts.

Anti Bacterial Treatment

We ensure that the Ultra-Fresh product built into our floor treatments. It is a wonderful antimicrobial products control the growth of odour and stain-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew in our residential and commercial flooring finishes.  By protecting floor coverings from bacteria, Ultra-Fresh helps to extend the life of the flooring, and lengthen it’s aesthetic appeal.

Flooring Applications

Car Parks

Motor Workshops



Sporting Venues


Schools & Colleges

Shops & Retail Centres

Hotels & Apartments

Pools, Bars & Restaurants

Discover the reasons pool, bar & restaurant owners rely on Multitech Floors for safe, low maintenance and easy to clean flooring.

These environments need tough flooring, that will last – as well as be fast to install and be hygienic.

As the Ultra-Fresh product is a prerequisite in our epoxy flooring system, it means your covering will be able to easily staining, mold, fungus, and bad smells years from now.

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